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greta van susteren is next on the record. tonight is something funny? then why is president obama hitting the late night comedy circuit? >> we're excited, barack obama's going to be on the tonight show tomorrow night. >> tomorrow night marks the sixth time the president has been on late night talk shows. >> we have a record 28.2 million part time workers in america. that number has never ever been higher. >> what we need is a leadership from this president on the part of the white house, to come to the table finally and say, we're going to fix the underlying problem that's driving our deficit. we all want to repeal and replace obama care. >> there are americans in yemen now being told to get out. an active evacuation is said to be underway. >> this is the worst threat the country has faced since 9/11
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folks. naturally, obama went off to camp david to celebrate his birthday and play golf for seven hours. >> if you are shutting down all the embassies in the middle east, if you are talking about something like this, now is not the time to be leaving the white house, period. >> is now the time for president obama to leave washington for hollywood? and yes, you're paying for it, at least every last gallon of jet fuel. pat buchanan joins us. nice to see you. >> any problem with the president going off to hollywood to do the tonight show? >> i don't have a problem with it, but i wonder why he's doing it. he's leaving an impression of someone who doesn't care a great deal. he seems like a president, i've been elected twice, i've got what i got done, i'm not going to get this done, i'm going to play out this hand. >> we don't want the terrorists to think they disrupt us, they have no fear. is that not at least, one
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argument for him to sort of -- he's got a full white house in air force one. >> that would be an argument for going about business as usual. this seems to be going about vacations in the summer. >> i do think on the other side of it, this has raised -- i mean, this war on terror is back on the table again, and you have, greta, what you have over there is you have 20, 22 or 19 embassies are closed. you have americans are fleeing yemen. at the same time, barack obama campaigned for re-election by saying, you know, al qaeda's on the run, and they're on their last legs, they're about to be defeated. now we learn that they're all over afghanistan and pakistan and yemen and iraq, and syria, and libya, and mali. there's a real disconnect between the war on terror, which all of a sudden is back on the table. and what the president said and how the president's behaving. >> now, according to at least some of the news reports
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tonight. this is pretaped with jay leno, it was quite a newsy interview, they talked about edward snowden, the nsa, the embassy closing, hillary clinton and health care. it is an entertainment show, and these are all important matters, and one of the things -- this is the first time he's saying it tonight, he will go to the g-20 in russia. jay carney said it earlier, is this really sort of the platform to be having a newsy interview at this time, which is a different question? >> no, i don't think it is. i mean, did he say he's going to go to the g-20. i thought he would go, but is he going to have the bilateral with president boughten? >> he did not say that. he said he's going to go to the g-20. he didn't mention if he's going to have the one on one with putin. >> one of the interest things here, take a look at the nsa, we've been told that we intercepted a phone call from al saturday zawahir zawahiri, to the top guy in the
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arabian peninsula, receiving an order to go out and take the americans down. now, this indicates that we are really wired in to al zawahiri, and the nsa is doing its job, but b, what would be the reaction, if edward snowden had leaked this. there's real questions about what is going on here, and who's doing what and why? did we leak it in order so we could say, get some people to react and prevent it and let the terrorists know we're on to them? what are the motivations behind -- there's a lot more going on here we don't know. >> why not george stephanopolous or brian williams or -- what audience does he hope to get? these are serious issues, at least i don't see -- >> i think we're dealing with obama. he loves this stuff, he loves going on those shows. he goes six times on jay leno, he's very much into the popular culture. quite frankly, the whole popular culture, i'm not saying jay
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leno, but letterman, leno and all of that, he likes that, that's part of his constituency. it's part of the cultural support that he has. and i think he's very comfortable there, far more comfortable than he would be in the east room standing up and answering questions about what's going on and why did you let putin do this with snowden and stick it in our eye. >> i agree with this, i like the white house press core asking questions. there's news that the federal elections commission may have included with the irs in a targeting scandal. there's new evidence raising suspicions about the president's lawyer. why did bob bauer e-mail the sec about a conservative group that e-mailed lois learner. last week don mccann going on the record. >> the sec is in this because
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there were some sec staff that reached out to the irs, in 2008 regarding a few conservative groups. as you know, the irs has already come under fire for targeting conservative groups, this was made public by folks in the house of representatives. >> what business does the sec have going to the irs for information, and was this private or was it public or private information. >> well, originally the sec, it was an sec investigator reached out to the irs directly to lois learner, the person who has come under the most fire at the irs, asking for information about the american future fund. the request was for information generally. the irs could not provide general information. eventually, the irs did provide public information. >> your thoughts about that? i mean -- >> well, it is -- it's very suspicious. look, you have the sec and the irs, these agencies that can do real damage to people.
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and you get the fellow in the white house that's phoning up one of them. and they're going straight to the -- the question is, are these sort of semipolice agencies of the federal government being used as basically arms of the administration and going after its political adversaries in those that believe in political enemies. you keep getting more and more spoke out of there, and they haven't gotten anything tied right now, certainly to the president. but it really sounds as though the agencies that are supposed to be independent and doing their job are doing -- maybe doing political -- are doing in some case tsds, political hatchet work for the administration, and his friends. especially the irs. in going after those 100 tea party types. >> what bothers me about this whole thing. there are a lot of things that bother me about it, but the president gave a speech today in arizona, we'll have governor brewer on in a second. but once again, he said, this is
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a speech about housing, a very important speech about housing, what he does, he just can't stop himself. he says, for most of this year, an endless parade of distractions. political posturing and phony scandals. the people that were targeted they don't feel it's phony. the families of the victims of benghazi, they don't feel it's phony. why does the president go out there and demean these people. it's important, i've talked to these people. >> you mentioned benghazi, he had an ambassador dead, and three other americans dead, two real heroes went to the battle. and he got a week long cover-up that went on until they finally came up. susan rice comes up and lays out this dock and bull story, fairy tail about a video enraging this group which turns out to be a flat out lie. how can you say that's a phony scandal? i mean, people -- >> why did he do that then. what in the world, he can't stop himself from campaigning --
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>> it's not very presidential to zemin people like this. >> it's not only not presidential, he's basically demeaning what's being investigated, he's supposed to want to try to work somehow with the other party. why do you keep throwing this -- he's done this phony scandal thing ten times, in speech after speech after speech. does he think it's an effective lie by repeating like that. tonight you get what's going on with the sec, and that's going to the irs. i mean, he seems to be in a mode of defiance, and resistance and i'm not going to give these guys any help. and they can go where they can go. >> the news tonight, you mentioned benghazi. there was news tonight that the u.s. is filing the first criminal charges since the deadly attack almost a year ago. the justice department filing those criminal charges under seal against a number of suspects. the exact number of charges, of course, tonight is not clear. i guess that is -- that so called phony scandal, he has the department of justice indicting
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people over that phony scandal. >> again, the -- who did the killings over there, we're now talking about al qaeda, which has got 22 embassies closed and the great superpower looks like it's 450iding in its buildings, al qaeda which was supposed to be on the run, is now forcing us into these buildings. al qaeda is the one that did -- al qaeda affiliates are the ones that murdered that ambassador. again, he's demeaning. >> that's -- >> he's trivializing what is vitally important. >> why is he doing this? if he's got his department of justice indicting people and then he's off on the campaign trail saying its phony, and he's got the irs where new information is linking one federal agency with another, still not proven. he's out there calling it phony. >> right, and what you said earlier, we don't know if this was sealed or we don't know whether it just came down now, we don't know if it was held. quite obviously, the u.s. department of justice is looking
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at prosecuting people for cold blooded murder of americans. and they're using the timing to be most effective in running them down, he says it's a phony situation. it's a phony scandal? there's a disconnect between the president of the united states and what is going on in the government of the united states. >> i don't get it, though. because he's not -- he can't be re-elected again. i don't get -- >> i don't get the wisdom of going out there and doing it, because i mean, he's -- people are going to get on television and say, well, if it's phony, how come all of a sudden, we turn over new stones, certain things come up. if it's phony, how come you're not cooperating and having real transparency. >> i don't think he cares. i don't think -- the president of the united states, i don't believe he cares. why would he behave like this? what i do think is, i'm elected president, i'm the first african-american presidents, i won two elections in a row with more than 50%. there's only three democratic presidents that have ever done
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that, i'm blocked up there in the house, and, of course, i'm blocked i'm going to do my own thing. and i think that's exactly what it is, and it is a sense -- it's a certain contentiousness for people he feels and probably believes are just unjust critics, they're after me, there's no way i can appeal to them, get their cooperation. so i'm moving my own way. >> i think this con temp tuous attitude of congress to go home on holiday, when they have the continued resolution. i think that's con temp tuous as well. >> i do too. are we going to go through the continuing resolutions, we never get these budgets done. >> how are they going to get it done if they're not here. >> exactly. five weeks, they used to do one department after another after another. we didn't get all the departments done, one of them will have to go over, and now it's routine. >> some of this -- they're all con temp tuous of the american people. maybe they don't get it. for the life of me, i don't understand how you go on
7:13 pm
vacation if you haven't done your work. >> i agree with you. they probably figure, what can they do. >> they can send a message they care. even sitting in that office over there and saying, i'm here, i'm going to work, i care. it matters to me, i actually would probably feel comfort. the attitude is i'm going to play golf or go to martha's vineyard or go do this, is a terrible signal to the american people. >> what do they have, 18% or 10% approval ratings? >> i don't know how they get that tonight. >> other contempt of the american people for the institutions, diminishing, and the president's own ratings himself? they're going down, and he's running around talking about these phony scandals. i think the -- it's sort of the anger and sense of disgust with the government of the united states at all levels is pretty well justified. >> pat as always, thanks. nice to see you. >> good to see you. now to arizona where all eyes are on the tarmac,
7:14 pm
president obama traveling to phoenix for that economic speech. today's sizzling question, how would arizona governor jan brewer greet the president. who could forget last year's tarmac tiff? today a very different picture from the tarmac. governor brewer joins us. nice to see you, governor. >> nice to see you, greta. >> you look a lot more chummy this time around when you saw the president. was it a friendly meeting on the tarmac today? >> well, i'm always really pleased when president obama comes to arizona and shows interest. however, rather than coming to arizona trying to share our successes, i wish he would learn from our examples of what we've accomplished in arizona. >> i saw the statement after you met. you jump all over him, where you say he's taking credit for everything that arizona has
7:15 pm
done. >> we have turned arizona around during the terrible economic times that arizona faced. we had a budget deficit, worse than california's per capita. today we can stand proudly and say we have a balanced budget. a rainy day fund. we did tax reform, school reform. we've been busy here, and we did it our way. not with the federal government. >> what do you and the president say on the tarmac? any reference to the last time you met when you stuck your finger in his chest? >> no, there was no reference to that. he was speaking to me as he was coming down the stairs, i welcomed him back to arizona, i thanked him immediately for his phone call during our tragedy of the fire we had, where we lost 19 firefighters and for sending vice president biden here to represent the white house. i talked to him about our federal emergency declaration, hoping we could get a little bit
7:16 pm
of energy behind it. it's been 30 days now, we haven't heard from the federal government, we have people hurting, i wanted to put that on the radar for him. >> over the weekend do you mock the obama administration for saying the borders are more secure than ever? is it the same as it was a year ago, worse than it was a year ago, or better than it was a year ago? >> well, you know, i don't know if i mocked him, i think there was the headline, and i don't write headlines, the fact of the matter is, if we have a serious problem in arizona, we need our borders secured. got a lot of immigration discussions going on, i don't think that much of that is possible and we have our borders secured. i'm adamant about it. i wish they would take it seriously. >> in arizona, the governor has two terms, you filled janet i a napolitano who was governor and
7:17 pm
became a member of congress. do you plan on run something. >> i have a job to do, very plenty of time. i love my job, though. >> which way are you leaning? >> i love my job. >> is that a hint? >> i don't know if that's a hint or not. but i do enjoy my job, i really do, i think i've done a good job for the state of arizona. >> governor, always nice to see you. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, greta. now to tonight's hot button issue. should the president have gone on the tonight show with jay leno? yes it sends a message to terrorists that they are not winning or no, it's a waste of time when the country is in crisis. go to and vote in our pole. straight ahead, a nationwide manhunt for a murder suspect. he is believed to be on the run with two children. that live report on that manhunt is coming up.
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this is a fox news alert, an amber alert goes out across california. police hunting for the suspect who murdered a woman and may have kidnapped her two children. the father of the two children making a plea to the alleged kidnapper. >> jim, i can't fathom what you were thinking.
7:22 pm
the damage is done. i'm begging you to let my daughter go. you've taken everything else. hannah, we all love you very much. if you have a chance, you take it. you run, you'll be found. thank you. >> the accused killer could be anywhere in the country. kswb reporter is live in san diego with the latest. what can you tell me about this case. >> greta, we're at el capitan high school, where hannah attended high school. there's more than 1,000 people here. they're giving speeches for the father as well. he just spoke. thanking everyone for keeping their prayers alive. the hope is to find her as soon as possible. a little bit of background. this all started on sunday night, firefighters responding
7:23 pm
to a house fire, when they put it out, they found two bodies in that house, one, 44-year-old christina anderson, the mother of hannah, and a young child about eight years old a boy. they're not saying yet if this is ethan, but based on initial reports, it appears that it is consistent with the charred remains of a young boy. the amber alert still looking for two children, including james lee dimaggio. what we have learned from talking to neighbors today is that he was really good friends with the family. they -- christina and her kids spent many weekends there, it was a platonic relationship. she considered him a cool uncle. what went wrong is only speculation at this point. ow, that does happen. people speculating that he developed inappropriate crush with hannah, taking her to hollywood for her birthday at one point. that's speculation, we don't have an exact motive now.
7:24 pm
latest word from sheriff's deputies actually, no sighting so far as this amber alert has moved nationwide. they have a lot of leads they are following up on. meantime back here at el capitan high school, tears are flowing, candles. the outpouring of this community is astounding, describing a young girl, very well loved on the drill team, on the dance team here and all these folks just praying for her safe return, greta. >> is there any description of the automobile that he may be driving or truck. just so that people have a little more information? >> all of that information is up on our website. he was last seen, it was a blue honda civic, i believe. >> we do have that license plate. it's on our screen right now, 6 wcu 986.
7:25 pm
that's a blue honda. thank you very much. this is a grim story, at least i hope they can get the young woman back. thank you. >> straight ahead, the unthinkable. 100 pound python strangles two young boys while they slept. how could that happen? a live report from canada coming up. the video you have to see. eli and peyton manning, teaming up and trading their football helmets for wigs. you don't want to miss this, stay tuned. [ male announcer ] what's important to you? at humana, our medire agents sit down with you and ask. being active. and being with this guy. [ male announcer ] getting to know you is how we help you choose the humana medicare plan that works best for you. mi familia. ♪ [ male announcer ] we want to help you achieve your best health, so you can keep doing the things that are imptant to you. taking care of our customers. taking care of her. and the next thing on our list is bungee jumping.
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let's make medicare stronger for all of us. brace yourself for this one. the sequester chopping 55 hadn't 5 billion from the department of health and human services budget. there's one thing that won't be touched. obama care promotion. kathleen sebelius is making sure
7:30 pm
of that. andrew johnson joins us, nice to talk to you. >> thanks for having me. happy to be here, greta. >> what is the secretary doing to preserve the promotion within the hhs for obama care? >> basically, what she's doing is because the department is going to be undergoing a $15.5 billion cut because of the sequester, she's decided that her top priority is going to be promoting and outreach for obama care. it's placing funds elsewhere nords to pay for traveling which she most notably said was one of the main priorities. >> within the department of hhs is center for disease control, are they going to get cut? >> they may undergo some, we don't know what funds will be cut. she made this remark, a joint event with reporters yesterday. if you remember, back during the sequester, it was hhs that was leading the charge in the sequester scare. they talked about cuts to the
7:31 pm
head start program. they talked about cuts to seniors and health care benefits. it kind of begs the question that if those were such priorities that were going to be impacted by the sequester, why aren't funds being shifted around for that, those programs rather than outreach for obama care. >> she may have fuzzy math, she said she would love to have the budget of what for her promotion of obama care. >> she'd like to have the budget of an apple product or blockbuster movie. the funny thing is, she has the budget of about three times the blockbuster movie. she has about $684 million for obama care outreach. the average blockbuster movie gets about 100 million to 200 million. so she's actually doing quite well in that area, and just given the blockbuster bombs that have happened this summer, those are forecasting the way obama care's going to go, that could spell more trouble for her. >> there in lies the fuzzy math,
7:32 pm
the fact that she wants -- they have 200 million, she's going to spend $684 million on a budget. $684 million to promote marketing for obama care. is there at least -- if you know, has there been any competitive bidding for this marketing, are we getting a good deal on that marketing? >> i'm not sure about that, but we do know that they've taken every opportunity in order to help outreach for obama care, you'll remember that they reached out to hollywood actors to promote it. they reached out to different sports leagues to promote it. just the other day not too far away from you, it was hhs night at washington nationals ball game, and they had teddy roosevelt calling the hotline to get more information about obama care. they're making all kinds of efforts. >> if they're doing the hollywood -- i would assume that doesn't cost anything, with a bunch of hollywood stars showing up.
7:33 pm
they go and promote obama care. $684 million just for marketing is a phenomenal amount of money. >> no, exactly, it's not just a one-time -- one-year cost. that's going to be what the atf will have annually. have you to wonder with washington, those costs never tend to go down, they either stay the same or go up over time, for a law that's been around for four years now, and supposedly popular, she said again yesterday, she reiterated that it's possible. americans are looking forward to it, why does she need to do so much outreach, when it's two months away from one of the most important deadlines? >> who knows. >> anyway, andrew, thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> to the huge battle brewing between the rnc and two tv networks. rnc is demanding cnn and nbc pull the plug on upcoming movies about hillary clinton. they're set to air before the next presidential election. right now the chairman has given the networks an ultimatum.
7:34 pm
he joins us. >> hi, greta, from wisconsin tonight. >> it's my favorite state as you know. >> tell me, you have sent a letter off to nbc and cnn. what have you said in that letter? >> basically we let them know that we're disappointed that they're putting movies together in a four-day miniseries about the life and times of hillary clinton, when they know darn well that she's gearing up or at least her people are acting like they're gearing up that she's running for president. so what i laid out, i think is pretty reasonable, i said, listen, you can go forward and produce and put these movies on the air, and we're going to go forward and exclude you from participating and being a moderator and a producer of our debates moving forward in the next primary season. i think it's pretty reasonable. i don't know why our party hasn't stood up sooner for this, but i'm starting now. and i think it's about time that our party stands up for itself
7:35 pm
and calls this out. i think it's totally inappropriate. >> what are the mechanics of it, can you do it un lat ram or do you have to go back to the rnc? let's say nbc and cnn write back to you and say, let's do it? what are the mechanics. >> they will do that. the mechanics will be that we cut them out. here's what will happen. the rnc is going to put together a debate calendar. the calendar is going to include a certain amount of debates, let's say eight debates. we'll figure out and work with media outlets and moderators, we'll figure out who the months raters are going to be, who the producers are going to be, what media outlets will be involved, and we'll have a set calendar, and our candidates are going to be able to compete in those debates. we're going to have to put a set of rules in place. to the candidates, you can compete in these debates if you want to. but if you compete in debates other than the ones in the
7:36 pm
calendar, they're going to be consequences for violating this calendar? >> like what. suppose three candidates go to cnn and say, we're going to do a private debate? what can you do to them? >> hypothetically, you can take delegates away, you can give rewards away. you can have bonus zell gatts, a 20% reduction of every time you violate the debate calendar, i mean, you can make it -- you can make the penalty and the provisions as blood as you want to make them. my view is, and i'm speaking for myself here, we have to draft debate rules that are going to hold in place the debate calendar, the moderator's chosen, and i think the rules have to be such that the candidate's have to comply with the calendar that's put in place. >> why don't they -- >> because you remember, the problem was -- >> they have huge ratings. these debates are hugely valuable to the networks, they're huge ratings, they're totally spiked.
7:37 pm
>> right, and the problem before was that if you have ten people running for president, and nine out of ten raise their hand for any two hour block given, regardless of who the moderator is, regardless of what the intentions are of the company hosting the debates, you can't expose your party and your candidates to this nonsense any more, and we're going to put an end to it, 25ez going to take some time, we're going to put rules in place that force adherence to the debate calendar, and we're going to be able to tie the nomination for president to that calendar. >> thank you very much. say hello to that wonderful state for me. thank you. >> take care. coming up, the unthinkable. 100 pound python strangling two little boys in their sleep. how could that possibly happen. a live report on the criminal investigation is next. chris christie starring in a tv commercial. a complete waste of federal emergency funds. that is your money or is it a
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state promotion or self-promotion? chris christie starred in a tv commercial about summers at the jersey shore. ♪ >> the jersey shore is open. >> the word is spreading. >> because we're stronger than the storm. >> you bet we are. >> so governor christie is not the first governor to promote tourism for his state, but the stronger than the storm ad is funded by a federal disaster aide package. >> the federal money your tax dollars are supposed to help survivors of super storm sandy. it wiped out tunes along the jersey shore. what do you think? is it a wise use of disaster aid money or is he using it for selfish political purposes? go to and vote.
7:41 pm
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an entire town in shock, a 100 pound python escaping its cage and strangling two little boys. literally strangling the life out of them. >> conner was just shy of 7. in fact his birthday will be on the 23rd of august. and noah was 4.5 years old. conner would have entered the second grade this year. and noah was extremely excited about joining his big brother by starting kinneder garton, both would have been in the same school. they were two typical children. they enjoyed life to a maximum. >> for the latest global news, laura brown joins us from canada. what happened? >> from what we understand, our cmp were called to the apartment building where it happened about
7:44 pm
6:30 in the morning monday morning, they arrived to what they quoted as a horrific scene. it was just out of a movie, they said, they found the two little boys lifeless in the living room of the upstairs apartment building. now, we found out today the python that killed them was actually living on the same floor that the apartment building was in. it was not on the pet shop floor, the bottom level, it was on the top level. and so it took them all day. our cmp investigated as well. the bodies were not removed until late monday evening. today they were sent to st. john and the autopsies were scheduled. we'll be waiting on news for those in the next couple days. >> was this a pet python in the home? >> he quoted it as it was not for sale, it was his own pet
7:45 pm
python. however, he says that he didn't often take it out of the enclosure it was in. it was in an aquarium like enclosure. it was only taken out if it needed to be maintained. he claimed that although it was a pet, it wasn't often out of this aquarium. >> how did it get out of the aquarium? >> this is the bizarre part of the story. the enclosure was apparently -- it went from the floor to the ceiling. a glass case. and the ventilation system was up in the ceiling. and the snake crawled up into the ceiling and fell, because, of course, it's 100 pounds, fell into the living room through the ceiling where the boys were sleeping. >> laura, thank you. >> thank you, guys. >> should giant pythons ever be kept as pets or do they only belong in a national habitat or
7:46 pm
a zoo? tom stout joins us. what a terrible story. let me go to the topic of a python itself. is this a reptile that should ever be a pet? >> it's a tragedy to hear this, what happened to these two young boys, and in the last 20 years, there's only been ten people that have been killed by reptiles. when we talk about just your dog at home there's been over 320 incidents where they ended with death. it's extremely rare. to answer your question, there are hundreds of thousands of owners of reptiles and large snakes and constrictors. here in ohio we focused on standards of care to make sure that if you own a snake, you know how to take care of it.
7:47 pm
the number one goal is public safety and welfare. >> with all the different breeds of snakes and reptiles and miningens, is this a particularly aggressive one. one that was going to be more dangerous than, for instance another breed? >> yes, african rock pythons like the one that's behind me, especially if they're hungry, are extremely aggressive. this is an animal i'm hearing that's 15 feet long, but less than 100 pounds, right about 100 pounds. that's a thin animal. many years ago i was handling a snake just like that, where i was bitten as a grown adult. struggled to get the snake off my hand. they sense with their smell by using their tongue. they have an organ on the roof of their mouth. we're hearing reports that the
7:48 pm
boys, before they went to bed were either at a petting zoo or a farm, playing with llamas and different types of farm animals, that sense of smell is on their body. and unfortunately the snake was either looking for food or because it's a cold blooded snake. that means they can't regulate their body temperature. it's possible if the snake wasn't hungry, it was going for warmth. and 100 pounds would be hard for two young ones to get away. >> thank you, what a terrible story. it's hard to think of a worse story than this one. thanks. >> thank you, greta. >> straight ahead, just released video, you're going to see one of actor james gandolfini's final performances next. use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time
7:49 pm
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one of james gandolfini's last performances with jewelial louis-dreyfus. >> you're wearing your pajamas. >> julia says he gives an incredible performance in the film. president george w. bush is recovering from surgery to repair a blocked artery. jenna hager bush tweeted this photo of her father and her baby daughter. get well soon, mr. president. and here's one you have to see to believe. tmz tweeting, bowler's perfect 300 game ruined by freak error. he was one bowl away from bowling a perfect game when the unthinkable happened. >> check this out, looking for
7:54 pm
perfecti perfection, holy cow. he was working on 300. the rack came down right before the ball -- >> that's horrible. >> you saw, a perfect game ruined by a technical difficulty. he did get a doover, but he blew it. finally, talk about a sweet divorce settlement. man ordered too support wife's ice cream habit. the man had complained that his ex-wife always spent too much money on ice cream. now he'll have to spend even more on her habit. will he have to pay for weight watchers too? that wasn't my joke. that was justin wells. use your hagtd greta on your tweets and posts. eli and peyton manning teaming un, but nothing like you expect next.
7:55 pm
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♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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8:00 pm
>> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [shouting] >> laura: as threats against the united states intensify, the liberal "the washington post" scorches president obama over the war on terror. [shouting] >> laura: we'll have the latest. >> the gap between the have and have notes. [ applause ] >> is getting wider and wider. it's going to be a problem that no amount of police can solve. >> laura: a dire warning from rapper jay-z as he launches the latest salvo in the class warfare debate. >> i don't want to really scare america but the real problem is there is no million class. >> laura: is the hip hop millionaire just another out

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